30DoC #21: WHY DO I WEAR CORSETS? | Lucy’s Corsetry

30DoC #21: WHY DO I WEAR CORSETS? | Lucy’s Corsetry
Read my article on 20 benefits of corseting here: http://lucycorsetry.com/2012/06/16/how-corsets-heal/

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What I’m wearing: My sport mesh corset experiment from last summer. See my case study on this corset here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dg78g8TYgU

List of questions:
1. What initially sparked your interest in corsets?
2. Post a picture of yourself in a corset.
3. How many corsets do you own? (Post a picture of your collection!)
4. How often do you wear corsets?
5. Preference: busk, zipper, lacing, or no front closure?
6. Who is your favorite corset maker?
7. Have you ever made a corset yourself?
8. Have you ever had a custom corset made for you?
9. Post a picture of your favorite corset that you own.
10. Post a picture of your favorite corset of all time.
11. Post a picture of you favorite historical style of corset.
12. Preference: waist cincher, underbust, or overbust?
13. “Corsetgasms”: weird or really cool?
14. Can you lace yourself into a corset or do you require assistance?
15. How much did your first corset cost?
16. How much did your best corset cost?
17. Have you ever worn plastic boning?
18. Who is your favorite designer that incorporates corsets into their designs?
19. How long have you been interested in corsets?
20. What is your favorite occasion to wear corsets? (e.g. formal wear, an evening in, casual wear. etc.)
21. Why do you wear corsets? (e.g. body modification, posture correction, fashion, etc.)
22. What is your favorite way to buy corsets? (e.g. online, in person)
23. How do you usually buy corsets? (e.g. online, in person)
24. Do you wear corsets year round or just seasonally?
25. What is your favorite outer fabric for corsets?
26. What is your favorite type of embellishment on corsets?
27. Do you prefer to show off your corset or wear it stealth?
28. What is your favorite corset silhouette? (wasp waist, pipe stem, etc.)
29. What is your favorite corset myth?
30. What is your favorite thing about corsets?

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