Corset Collection 2013 | Lucy’s Corsetry

Corset Collection 2013 | Lucy’s Corsetry
List (table of contents) with links to the individual reviews:

0:50 Skirted corset
1:05 Leather 1919 overbust
1:15 Bad Attitude Boutique “Lady Jane” overbust
1:35 Timeless Trends/Black Iris longline underbust – review pending
1:55 Ms Martha’s Corset Shoppe CorsetVest
2:05 Ms Martha’s Corset Shoppe leather geometric cincher
2:25 Orchard Corset 511 OB – review pending
2:35 Orchard Corset 426 pink w/ gold mesh UB – won’t be reviewed, but here’s another review of the 426 maroon satin:
3:00 Orchard Corset 411 prototype UB – review pending
3:15 Axfords C242
3:30 Isabella Corsetry Josephine UB
3:45 Meschantes standard size training UB
3:55 WKD Antoinette OB
4:05 Eternal Spirits Audrey OB
4:20 Versatile Corsets Mimosa cupped OB

4:30 Boom Boom Baby Boutique silver/black lace OB
4:45 Boom Boom Baby Boutique fan lacing OB – review pending
5:10 Morgana Femme Couture MF1331 UB
5:25 Waisted Creations green silk UB – review pending
5:30 Jupiter Moon 3 tea-stained lace UB – review pending
5:45 Heavenly Corsets wasp-waist training UB
6:05 Contour Corsets summer mesh UB – review pending
6:35 Sugarkitty Abigail II twill UB – review pending
6:50 Serinde champagne silk OB
7:00 Serinde blue/silver silk UB w/ chain detail
7:10 Puimond black broche Wicked Plunge OB
7:20 Puimond Plunge (white PVC) OB
7:35 Puimond cherry blossom curvy UB (PY09)
7:50 Sparklewren swiss cincher
8:00 Sparklewren Red/black lace butterfly OB
8:20 Sparklewren bird’s wing rose OB – review pending
8:45 Sparklewren bird’s wing gold UB – review pending
8:55 Electra Designs pink Playboy OB
9:20 Totally Waisted! Corsets black taffeta UB
9:45 Starkers! Corsetry by Dianna DiNoble – review pending
10:20 Madame Sher cupped OB – review pending
10:35 Madame Sher mesh cincher – review pending
10:55 The Bad Button cinchers (teal w/ black, and white w/blue) – reviews pending
11:30 Beespoke Corsets “Hug Me” cincher (Sidney Eileen fundraiser) – review pending

12:00 Disco Armadillo ribbon cincher
12:30 Red/gold puffy Christmas corset
12:50 Sebastian corset
13:05 Jamaican cincher
13:15 Rainbow ribbon cincher
13:35 Sportsmesh corset

14:10 Creations L’Escarpolette men’s corsets from EgapTesroc – reviews pending
15:20 JC Creations men’s corset from EgapTesroc – review pending

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