CORSET LINERS: Comparing 4 Different Brands | Lucy’s Corsetry

CORSET LINERS: Comparing 4 Different Brands | Lucy’s Corsetry
Talking about the fabric, seaming, price and usability of different corset liners from four different brands: Madame Sher, Heavenly Corsets, Corset Connection, and Contour Corsets.

Madame Sher cotton liner:
Heavenly Corsets liner:!/Corset-Liner/p/23280799/category=5525899
Corset Connection liner:
Contour Corset liner:

TIME TRAVEL (click on the time stamps):
0:45 What is a corset liner?
1:30 How is a corset liner different from a shirt?
2:20 How is a corset liner different from a cincher / faja?
Liner specs:
3:15 Madame Sher liner
5:15 Heavenly Corsets liner
7:15 Corset Connection liner
9:15 Contour Corsets liner
11:20 Which liners are most smooth / soft?
12:50 Which liners are standard sized or custom?
13:15 Stretch test for all liners

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Lucy’s Corsetry (bishonenrancher) contains the largest and most comprehensive collection of free corset related videos on the internet. Topics include corset making/ alteration, corset reviews, fashion history, lifestyle and health concerns.
(Also the occasional science, beauty and long-hair videos on the side, just for kicks!)

I uploaded my first video in October 2010 – my aim is to speak candidly about corsetry and show that it is a beautiful and helpful garment, not a taboo. Education is a big passion of mine. Corsets aren’t for everyone, but I believe everyone should have easy access to information if they choose to learn more. 🙂

FTC: These liners were included as combos with previous corset purchases from the respective brands. (I ended up buying 3 more Contour Corset liners in a pack.) But all of these liners are available for separate purchase from their respective online stores, no corset purchase necessary.

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