Corsets and Asymmetry (including scoliosis) | Lucy’s Corsetry

Corsets and Asymmetry (including scoliosis) | Lucy’s Corsetry
TIME TRAVEL IN THE VIDEO, IT’S MAGIC (on desktop, anyway):

0:25 Signs and symptoms of asymmetry when wearing a corset
1:20 Measuring asymmetry in your corset
2:40 Measuring asymmetry in your body
Possible causes of body asymmetry:
3:20 Musculature
4:05 Organs
4:45 Skeleton
7:20 Corset options for people with asymmetry
9:40 Case study on corsets in correction of asymmetry
12:15 Can corsets cause scoliosis?
13:10 If you think a corset made you asymmetric

Fran’s page on medical corsetry (corrective corsets for asymmetry):

My gallery on corsetieres who offer asymmetric corsets:

Andrej Gogala’s study on scoliosis correction using a corset:


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