Enell Bra with Corsets (Enell Sport and Enell Lite Review) | Lucy’s Corsetry

Enell Bra with Corsets (Enell Sport and Enell Lite Review) | Lucy’s Corsetry
Written review here with more/different information than what’s provided in the video!!

Both the Enell Sport and Enell Lite bras can be found here: www.enell.com/

In this video, I discuss the pros and cons of wearing Enell bras combined with an underbust corset. As I frequently discuss, many underbust corsets cause “muffin top”, “back fat”, or “spillover” because my flesh is not being properly supported in cheap bras. Additionally, underwire bras can be quite uncomfortable and can pinch the skin between the bra and the corset.

After trying the Enell Sport and the Enell Lite for several weeks, I found that I liked the support and shape that the Enell Lite gives, while still being comfortable. It took a few wears to get used to the compression and change in my shoulder posture, but I found that I had to adjust my bra much less that I felt much more supported, that the bra kept my shoulders down and back, and I there was no underwire to fight with when I wore my underbust corsets, even those that came up quite high on my ribcage.

The Enell Sports bra was extremely supportive, but the silhouette it gave was more compressed and not as “everyday” natural as I had hoped. Although I don’t wear it with my corsets as often, I do wear it when I’m doing high-impact exercises (running, jumping) and have been impressed with its ability to keep my bust secure.

Thanks to my viewer and fellow corset-wearer Julia for recommending Enell to me, and thanks to Mara from Enell for helping me choose these bras to start with!

*Disclosure: these bras were sent to me by Enell to test and review – but I was not paid for this review, and all observations and opinions are my own.

What I’m wearing:
Pink (Hope) Enell Sport bra
Black Enell Lite bra
Black satin Victorian underbust by Isabella Corsetry
Golden basic underbust liner (under the corset) from Contour Corsets

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