Germany: These corsets no longer fit former ‘world’s thinnest waist’

Germany: These corsets no longer fit former ‘world’s thinnest waist’
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M/S Former ‘world’s thinnest waist’ Michele Kobke walking away from camera
M/S Kobke standing
W/S Kobke walking towards camera
C/U Kobke putting key in lock
M/S Kobke entering her place
C/S Kobke’s waist while hanging coat
SOT, Michele Kobke, former ‘world’s thinnest waist’ (in German): “These are my remaining corsets, that I still collect. I havent’s worn a corset for one year now, only because I just don’t feel the need anymore. This is one of my favourites, that I could squeeze into with a 42 cm waist.”
C/U Kobke checking corsets
M/S Kobke taking jumper off
C/U Kobke opening corset
M/S Kobke trying to get corset on
C/U Pictures of Kobke wearing corset
SOT, Michele Kobke, former world’s tinniest waist (in German): “I had to eat many small meals separately a day. Normally there are three big meals a day but I had to eat between five and 10 times a day.”
C/U Picture of Kobke wearing corset
M/S Kobke measuring her waist in front of mirror
C/U Ruler around Kobke’s wait marking 63 centimeters
W/S Potsdam square tube station

Michele Kobke, who once had the ‘thinnest waist in the world’, showed in Berlin, Wednesday that her old corsets don’t fit her anymore since she decided to stop wearing them in January. Kobke started wearing a corset night and day at the age of 20, giving her a 40.2 cm (16-inch) waist at one point. After four years she decided “she had no need to wear them anymore” and her waist slowly got back to a more regular 63 cm (25 inches).

Kobke explained that when wearing a corset she had to eat between five and 10 small meals a day since her stomach was too small to hold large amounts of food at one time. Kobke does not regret her decision and said she experienced no health problems while wearing the corsets, nor any since she stopped wearing the garments.

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