Orchard Corsets: Average vs Plus Size

Orchard Corsets: Average vs Plus Size
My sister’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CheerDeeva

She is wearing an underbust CS-426 in a sz 26 and her waist is 31in. Her waist is 30in with the corset on. I am wearing the same one in a sz 40 and my waist is 47in. My waist measures 45in with the corset on.
We are not trying to use this as a way to lose weight/diet. There are many benefits to corseting/waist training. We like the fact that it helps with posture and shapes the waist. We wear the corsets for 2-3hrs a day as we are just beginners. This is not for everyone, we are just sharing some info and our experience.

This is not a sponsered video and we are in no way affiliated with this company. We paid for these with our own money.

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