PART 1: 3 Ways that OTR corset companies determine sizes | Lucy’s Corsetry

PART 1: 3 Ways that OTR corset companies determine sizes | Lucy’s Corsetry
Many corset companies recommend that you choose your corset size based on a 1-point measuring system (i.e. “subtract 4 inches from your natural waist”). But this is oversimplified. Different corsets will fit differently on different bodies, even if they’re the same size!

My Corset Measurements/ Dimensions Directory is now up! Compare your natural measurements with those measurements of around 60 different standard-sized corsets!

See the written version here on my blog:

There is no reason why a corset company would NOT provide AT LEAST 3-4 measuring points (underbust, waist, hips, and then the length of the torso) so you can determine the proportions and the length that will fit your body best even before you buy a corset. Some businesses already use this system, and they may provide this information in 3 different ways:

Here are some examples of corset businesses that use a size chart (my personal favourite way of logging proportion in corsets):
Electra Designs:
Mystic City Corsets:

Corset makers that recommend that your natural measurements be within a certain range for each size:
Isabella Corsetry:
Morgana Femme Couture:

Companies that focus on proportion (rib spring and hip spring) as opposed to absolute numbers (but you can estimate the measurements anyways):
Orchard Corset:

In the next video (part 2), I will show you how to use size charts properly, to predict whether a corset will fit you or not *before* you purchase it.
Click here to see part 2:

And in part 3, I will show you how to fairly accurately measure your own corsets. This will help you verify that the corset you just received in the mail has the correct measurements (they match the size chart/ ranges mentioned on the website) and that the corset will be likely to fit comfortably once closed.
Click here to see part 3:

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