Traditional Corsets Are Making A Comeback !!

Traditional Corsets Are Making A Comeback !!
Body shaping lingerie such as Spanx has become a household favourite for women of all ages.

But demand for retro waist cinching underwear such as steel boned corsets is on the increase according to one shop in Newcastle.

Through The Looking Glass Corsets specialise is traditional undergarments made popular by the likes of American burlesque model Dita Von Teese.

21-year-old model Victoria Stenhouse has had a passion for corsets from a young age and can shrink her waist by an impressive 10 inches when wearing one.

She said: “I think in different areas corsets are making a comeback. In my alternative lifestyle I love dressing in black and being a goth but I just love my corsets.”

Through The Looking Glass Corsets sales assistant Briony Holliday says that more and more women of all ages are coming to the shop to be fitted for a traditional style corset for use as both outerwear and underwear.

She said: “I think the trend is moving away from these skinny, stick thin models to ladies who want curves and being proud of their figure.”

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