🌙* ASMR ~ Sleep Hypnosis – Under My Control // Whispers (2)

🌙* ASMR ~ Sleep Hypnosis – Under My Control // Whispers (2)
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What is ASMR? – ASMR definition

ASMR is a pleasant tingling feeling that you experience when you hear unique, soft voices, or hear certain soothing sounds such as scratching and tapping, whispering and brushing. This tingling sensation is euphoric. It starts at the back of your head, travels down through your spine into your limbs relaxing you, giving you a feeling of well being.Almost all of us can experience it and it’s just the matter of finding your personal ASMR trigger. ASMR is an acronym for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”.

ASMR sounds/actions for – Most common ASMR triggers

sleep massage haircut roleplay darling mouth sounds
tapping whisper eating ear cleaning asmr sleep relaxation
scalp massage sleep relaxation hot stone massage ear to ear whisper face massage for sleep gentlewhispering girlfriend personal attention inaudible whisper jelly beans japan japanese whisper kisses ear to ear lilly whispers lucid dream lip smacking make up role play make up tutorial music nerd nailsnail tapping no talking binaural olivia kissper overwatch overlapping sounds Ear Cupping Binaural Overload w/ Ear to Ear Whispering Triggers 3DioEar Cupping Overload Cupping/Brushing/Binaural psychetruthpositive affirmations personal attention quiet whisper rain tingles guaranteed unintelligible whisper up close whisper up close vampire visual whisper ear to tear whispers red wet mouth sounds binaural wood carving

Whispering is where all of this started. This is the most common ASMR sound and hearing a whispering trigger in the right situation is usually the way we first discover what is ASMR.

Whispering sounds can also be binaural and it means that the sounds are recorded in separate channels which allows you to hear voices spoken to the left side from your left side speaker. This will create a more “real” experience. Whispering can also be inaudible or unintelligible which means that you are not supposed to clearly hear the words so you can better concentrate on the sounds itself. Soft talking / soft voices. Soft voices is the ultimate trigger for sleep. It’s been argued to be the most popular of the triggers.Scratching and tapping Microphone scratching and fast tapping on the table are the

most common uses of this trigger. You will hear many content creators tapping on objects they are holding just to create the extra sounds. Nail sounds are also associated with tapping. Many
women content creators have grown long nails just to produce tingles for you! I think that’s amazing. Usually scratching is one of the most powerful triggers.

Some popular ASMRtists / ASMR artists:

Stephanie7Whispers, Valeriya ASMR, Whispers Red ASMR,
GwenGwiz, ASMR Rrequests, GentleWhispering, ASMR Darling, Valeriya ASMR, Pelagea ASMR, Scottish Murmurs ASMR,Cosmic Tingles ASMR, Isabel Imagination ASMR, Jellybean ASMR, Maple
ASMR, Miss Shiver ASMR (Collective), The One Lilium, Cordelia Charter ASMR, Miss ASMR, Caroline ASMR, Miniyu ASMR, ASMR Massage Psychetruth, Dana ASMR

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