👐 👁👁Hypnosis for STRESS with Aromatherapy: Binaural ASMR sleep relaxation

👐 👁👁Hypnosis for STRESS with Aromatherapy: Binaural ASMR sleep relaxation
I am using various smells in aromatherapy with hand movements around you for extra calming and soothing effect. But this is an asmr hypnosis with a twist! I won’t take you to imagine a beautiful beach or peaceful forest to start with. But I will show you that you can relax, stay calm and focused in ANY situation. This asmr sleep relaxation hypnosis is designed to train your mind to experience being both under pressure and staying balanced and in control.

This video is intended for your relaxation and sleep. For best binaural asmr results, wear your headphones.

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