2 Hrs of EAR Cupping & Soothing Affirmations: ASMR Sleep Whispering | Hypnosis

2 Hrs of EAR Cupping & Soothing Affirmations: ASMR Sleep Whispering | Hypnosis
In this asmr video for sleep and relaxation, I softly whisper and gently speak some empowering affirmations (or reminders) to you for self-acceptance and confidence, so you can trust yourself and feel safe and peaceful in your world (you can see the list of these affirmations bellow in this description).
Also, I’m going to be playing another layer of these affirmations outside of your conscious awareness, so it can bypass the critical filtering aspect of your conscious mind. In this way, subliminal messages are able to change your habitual thoughts and your behavior. Because it is the beliefs and thoughts, held at the deepest levels of our mind, as well as our conscious thoughts that make our lives we experience today.

if you want to experience some real transformation, I challenge you to listen to these beautiful affirmations for 30 days in a row, at least for 10 mins, before you go to bed, while working or even while sleeping… and see what difference they’ll make in your life!

The affirmations used in this video:

I invite balance and harmony to rest inside of me.
I have the ability to create anything in life that I focus on.
I trust myself
Following my joy and intuition makes my heart safe and sound.
I lovingly allow change into my life.
All is well and safe in my world.
I trust my inner voice.
I have the courage to make the most out of this moment
I relax and open, knowing I am safe.
I choose to be happy.
All is well in my world and I feel safe
I take any obstacles as challenges that eventually improve my life
I am choosing all aspects of my life
I have so much to offer to others
I trust my choices.
I lovingly embrace my imperfections.
I feel better and better with each day
I love myself completely
The future is perfect
I am feeling healthier and happier every day
I am loved, lovable and loving
I always speak my loving truth
My body is healing and improving every day
Everything works out for my highest good.
I am grateful and content in my life.
I take responsibility for all aspects of my life
Amazing opportunities always exist for me.
Everything I need comes to me at exactly the right time.
I make positive difference for people
I choose to see the best side of people and situations.
I trust that life supports me. I am safe.
I trust the existence to provide all I need. I am the chosen one by existence.
I act despite of my fear.
I release all my fears. I am safe.
I love challenges, they bring the best out of me.
I trust the process of my life to bring me the highest good. All is well.
I am completely supported by the universe.
I live with integrity.
Making mistakes is ok. I don’t expect myself to get all right at this moment.
I am free.
Life is fun and rewarding.
I pay close attention to the people and events which are important to me.
I appreciate all I have.The universe wants the best for me. I am ok with where I am.
I am letting go of my worries
I am calm even when I have problems to solve
I am so beautiful
I have all that it takes to create the life I love

This video is intended for your relaxation and sleep. For best binaural asmr results, wear your headphones.

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