ASMR Hypnosis for Total Body Muscle Relaxation

ASMR Hypnosis for Total Body Muscle Relaxation
ASMR Hypnosis for Total Body Muscle Relaxation – Great for sleep.
This is a progressive muscle relaxation hypnosis to help active your body relax if you are feeling tense, stress or anxiety. This script was sent in some time ago by a subscriber. This could be a form of meditation for you as well.

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My name is DMitri, i live on the Gold Coast Australia. I rememeber a tingly sensation i would experence when i was young,

as i grew i found i trigger the experence when i found the right set stimuli like the tone of a persons voice, gentle

massage, watching someone focus on a task. This was before video and internet were in the same thought range. Over time

i found and experence many different situations to learn about all the different triggers for my ASMR. I translated that

experence combined with the high quality studio recordings to bring the highest quality tingles i can.

What is ASMR ? A theory

When your crianial nerves receives information in the form of sight, sounds & Senses your brain may process this

information as let us say a “trigger”

When you crianial nerves find that perfect combination of “Triggers” it activates the full effect of the parasympathetic

nervous system almost like a symphony neurons hitting the perfect note as wave after wave of feelings cascades down the

nervous system down the spine and to many parts of the body

I belieave it may then releases oxytocin, acetylcholine, GABA, Serotonin, endorphins directing into the brain and blood


Instantly relaxing, clearing cortisol, adrenaline and soothes the body

There is another side effect of this symphony that it puts the brain into a alpha state and after the person falls asleep

allows them to access a deeper delta level state during sleep.

This theory idea was put forward to me by a very special person, i belive they have a insight and understanding of ASMR

that even i do not have.

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