Change Your Voice IN 10 SECONDS with Hypnosis

Change Your Voice IN 10 SECONDS with Hypnosis
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Yes, it’s true. The 368 Sounds and Noises Co. is proud to present the latest in binaural audio hypnosis technology!
We’ve taken the core elements our hit video “Change your Hair Color with Hypnosis” and compressed it all down into a 10-second blast! This one has been tuned to specifically to change your VOICE.
If you ever wanted to make your voice higher or to make your voice lower, or even just to make your voice sound different, this will help you do that. Just think of the way you want your voice to sound while you listen to the audio-signals in this video and you will begin speaking in your new voice!
Play this video many times in a row or throughout the day in order to multiply the effects!
Try creating playlists of our different 10-second videos to get all the qualities you want as quickly as possible!
The most efficient way to change your voice!

Listen and let the sounds wash over you. Close your eyes to focus, if you want, but it is not necessary. Think of the way you want your voice to sound. Try to hear it in your head. These tones help the brain release a signal to the vocal chords, telling them to vibrate on a different frequency.
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