Creepy Wii Menu Music Hypnosis | Creepy Things In Gaming

Creepy Wii Menu Music Hypnosis | Creepy Things In Gaming
Remember the Wii Menu Music? Turns out Nintendo may have included some hypnotic qualities in the melody.
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I recently browsed YouTube for some nostalgic video game music and wound up listening to the original Wii Menu Music. When I turned to the comments, and I found some creepy and downright disturbing stories and reactions.

I found people who claimed to be hypnotized by the Wii Menu Music, people who hear the music in complete silence and people who have literally been driven to the point of insanity by it.

In this video, I’ll read some of the most unsettling comments I found, give my analysis of them, and later on in the night I experience the horrors of the Wii Menu Music’s power first-hand.

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