Happiness Hypnosis – Raise Your Joy Frequency | Subliminal Messages

Happiness Hypnosis – Raise Your Joy Frequency | Subliminal Messages
This hypnosis for happiness will help you remove the limiting beliefs you have in your subconscious mind about your ability to be happy. Download the full version at: https://www.vortex-success.com/downloads/happiness-hypnosis/

The subliminal meditation will make you realize your are the only one who’s responsible for your happiness, so you will stop blaming your circumcises or other people. The happiness recording contains a special frequency for joy and endorphin release. It doesn’t come in a form of binaural or isochronic, but the vibration in its purest form.

*Headphones are not a must, but are recommended to maximize results*

I am mindful of the events and situations I am at
Being in the moment makes me happy
With every meditation practice, I am able to make better decisions
By concentrating on the present, I bring emotional clarity into my life
I am fully present in my interactions
I experience bliss, joy, happiness and peace on a daily basis
With every breath I inhale divine energy
My life is meaningful and significant
I am driven by a mission
I am tuning into my authentic passions
I am finding my meaning and purpose

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