HYPNOSIS! | Chris & Jack

HYPNOSIS! | Chris & Jack
Hypnocomic “Gabriel the Great” and his roommate Ben.
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Created by Chris and Jack


Gabriel the Great: Chris
Ben: Jack
Santa: Phill Daddario
Party Guests: Lisa Bierman, Caitlyn Brisbin, Michael Cooper, Nick Smith


Associate Producer/ AD: Evan Rosenberg
Director of Photography: Anthony C. Kuhnz
Assistant Camera: Kate Walker
Production Sound Mixer: Michael R. Cooper
Makeup: Caitlyn Brisbin
PA: Mary Bonney
VFX: & Motion Design: Mikey Caro
Art Direction: Brendan Rice

Special Thanks!

Cameron Bender, Kathryn Lyn, Nick Smith, Ian McQuown, Erin McQuown, Jon Eidson, Brian Singleton, Jordan Riggs, Daniel Gordh, Jordan Dunn, Josh Adler, Sami Housman, Brooke Berry, Damian Skoczylas

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