Hypnosis For Meeting Your Spirit Guide & Remembering Life Purpose

Hypnosis For Meeting Your Spirit Guide & Remembering Life Purpose
“Maybe you’ve already begun to realize the beautiful truth of your existence…”

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We have access to wisdom to help us with the most pressing issues of our lives. Whether it’s called a guardian angel, higher consciousness, your higher self or spirit guide, you can receive assistance anytime you ask. Listen to this program to meet your spirit guide and understand / remember your purpose or lesson for this lifetime.

Headphones are recommended for the binaural tones.

Video includes spoken, guided hypnotic track along with music, nature sounds and .33hz binaural tones in the background that is considered that of yogic consciousness to help people reach deeper states of relaxation and wisdom. All of the forgoing is designed to help you connect with your spirit guide and remember your purpose or lesson for this lifetime.

I’m Peter McLaughlin, CHt a certified hypnotherapist since 2006. I work as a transformational life coach with my clients helping them release their pain and reach their dreams. Hypnosis, NLP, past life regression and spiritual regression.

Hypnosis – Spirit Guide – Life Purpose – Guided Meditation

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Video Credit: Free Video Background – CC
Binaural Tones: by Eric Bartel. https://free-binaural-beats.com
Music: Melodic Piano Atmosphere

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