Hypnosis for Pain Relief and Sleep

Hypnosis for Pain Relief and Sleep
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Hypnosis for Pain Relief can really help you to take control of your levels of discomfort by using the power of your mind. Pain can either be acute or chronic and this session today has been designed to deal with both types of discomfort. This session has not been designed to totally eliminate your discomfort but to help you get some relief.

The number of times and frequency you listen to this video will depend on your particular situation but it is important to realise that the results are always far greater when you use repetition and reinforcement. Make sure you consult a medical practitioner as pain is a message to the brain that something needs attention. Stress and anxiety often play a part in increasing that discomfort and sometimes can be the primary cause ie “It’s all in your mind”.

Chronic pain/discomfort can sometimes be an indication of much deeper routed issues or past trauma and if your pain/discomfort has no medical basis and is not improving then I would encourage you to seek therapeutic help.

My role in creating this video is to help you to start and change your pain or discomfort patterns because pain can be described as a behaviour. Like all other kinds of behaviour it can be either productive and non-productive, Productive when it protects us and non-productive when it is reinforced and perpetuated by negative emotions such as fear, anxiety or anger Those negative emotions then create tension and that tension produces or increases the discomfort. I hope you enjoy this Hypnosis for Pain Relief and Sleep video and please leave your comments below and share with anyone who might benefit from this. Thanks

What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural state similar to guided meditation where your mind is focussed on something and in this instance it’s my voice and the topic I am talking about. Because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis you are 100% in control, therefore, if at any time you choose to end the session all you have to do is open your eyes.
Getting Ready: Find a comfortable place where your back is supported and you will not be disturbed. It is recommended that you use earphones to maximise the listening experience.
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Disclaimer – Do not listen to this download when driving a car or operating heavy machinery. This download is a tool for positive growth and not a substitute for one on one therapy or medical advice or treatment.

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