Hypnosis High Speed milling head for CNC machine

Hypnosis High Speed milling head for CNC machine
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Milling – one of the most common ways of machining materials. Milling processing is performed:

· Flat, shaped, helical surfaces;

· Rotating bodies;

· Internal and external slots, grooves, ledges;

· Gears and others.

Milling operations are performed using a large group of milling machines with automatic or manual control, including:

· Universal used in the production unit;

· Horizontal (horizontal spindle position);

· Vertical (with vertical spindle);

· Copiers designed to work on the copier;

· Gantry and carousel for processing large parts

As a tool used cutters of various configurations, rotating the spindle and carry out the main movement and feed movement relative to the workpiece. Workpiece secured in specially adapted to the machine table and perform feed movement of the tool.

Depending on the technological requirements in the processing of parts used in the production of cutters:

· Cylindrical;

· Limit;

· Mechanical;

· Disc;

· Fittings;

· Angle;

· Conical;

· Centering.

Hypnosis High Speed milling head for CNC machine

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