‘INGENIUM’ ✍ Hypnosis For Effective Study & Academic Success ✍ Affirmations / Subliminals

‘INGENIUM’ ✍ Hypnosis For Effective Study & Academic Success ✍ Affirmations / Subliminals
Do you want to get the most out of your education but sometimes find it hard to get motivated for study? Do you find your study periods tedious and unproductive due to boredom and/or procrastination? The aim of this audio is to change your attitudes and beliefs towards study and education so that you actually find the process fun & interesting. By becoming immersed and fully involved with your study, your memory retention will naturally increase.

Everyone has an innate genius within them, and with the right mindset you can tap into this and exceed your own expectations. This tool is just something to set you on your way.

****Don’t forget to document your results in the comments section; after a month, how have your study skills and academic performance improved?****

INSTRUCTIONS: You may listen + watch simultaneously or have it playing in the BG, but it is recommended that you establish a consistent routine (i.e 30 days or more) in which you listen while lying/sitting down with your eyes shut. Headphones are recommended for best results. I find that the best time to listen to affirmation/hypnosis audios is either early morning or right before bed. Play around with the volume, you may find it more comfortable to listen to at a low volume…

This audio features a monaural beat (4hz) to aid in relaxation and to make your mind sensitive to suggestion. The audible affirmations have been duplicated and sublimated. There are also 50 written affirmations which flash periodically in the middle of the screen, as well as 50 pictorial subliminals.

‘Ingenium’ def. – innate character, intelligence, talent


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