Is Hypnosis A Complete Hoax?

Is Hypnosis A Complete Hoax?
The authenticity of hypnotism has been questioned since it began in the 18th century. Does hypnosis really work or is it all just a hoax?

How Brain Waves Can Control Physical Objects –
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Hypnotism Act 1952
“An Act to regulate the demonstration of hypnotic phenomena for purposes of public entertainment.”

Franz Anton Mesmer

Franz Anton Mesmer

“The modern era of hypnosis and hypnotherapy really begins with Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), the Viennese physician who left the word “mesmerism” to posterity. For various reasons, he also gave hypnosis the rather unsalubrious reputation that still persists in some quarters today.”

Brain Activity And Functional Connectivity Associated With Hypnosis
“Hypnosis has proven clinical utility, yet changes in brain activity underlying the hypnotic state have not yet been fully identified. Previous research suggests that hypnosis is associated with decreased default mode network (DMN) activity and that high hypnotizability is associated with greater functional connectivity between the executive control network (ECN) and the salience network (SN). We used functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate activity and functional connectivity among these three networks in hypnosis.”


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