Migraine No More – Full Length Hypnosis Session

Migraine No More – Full Length Hypnosis Session
MIGRAINE NO MORE – A Safe Alternative to Medications

Free yourself from migraines (once and for all) using this full length Migraine hypnosis session.

For optimum benefits, please follow the instructions provided, listed in the description below… (for your convenience) instructions also will be included at the end of this video

The intentions of this session (specifically created to treat migraines) are two-fold…

1 Provide Immediate results
2 Provide more permanent, lasting long term results

Suggested Usage Instructions:

At the onset of a migraine (to receive fast results), it is recommended that you listen to this with headphones, in a dark quiet place where you can completely relax…

To achieve lasting long term effects of this hypnosis session; it is recommended you listen to this every day (or) night, for at least 30 days and up to 90 days.

I, myself, am a migraine sufferer and use this same session whenever needed; it does work when you apply this in the manner for which it is intended.

Migraines are no longer limited to the few. Thousands of people all over the US are suffering from the effects of migraines…

This is my way of being in service to humanity and giving back.

Please enjoy this video and feel free to leave feedback to let me know if this has helped you and how you are doing.

If for any reason, this isn’t working out for you or if you wish to listen to my other video using brainwave entrainment (Migraines Go Away!) in conjunction with this video or separately; please visit this video link: http://youtu.be/-up33G_SFg0

Wishing you pure radiant and vibrant health…


Video created by: Lori K Creations – 2014
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