The Bliss Code – Futuristic Pre-Sleep Hypnosis w/ Chromotherapy, Binaural Beats & Relaxing Imagery

The Bliss Code – Futuristic Pre-Sleep Hypnosis w/ Chromotherapy, Binaural Beats & Relaxing Imagery
‘Bliss Code’ – Futuristic Pre-Sleep Hypnosis with Chromotherapy, Binaural Beats & Relaxing Imagery

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The ‘Bliss Code’ is a cyberpunk themed brainwave entrainment audio which combines binaural beats with chromotherapy, relaxing imagery and spoken word hypnosis for pre-sleep, pain relief, meditation, or just general relaxation. Use stereo headphones and switch to 1080p on a tablet or laptop display for best results. If using a tablet or mobile device with a large display, you may find it more pleasant to lie down during the session.

The main element of this relaxation hypnosis is the binaural beat audio, which slowly descends both in pitch and beat frequency over the course of 17 minutes, starting at Alpha 10hz and descending in increments of 2hz, stopping at Theta on the way, before settling at Delta. Carrier & Beat frequencies are displayed in real-time at the top right corner. Beat freq = middle value, Left/Right Carriers on either side.

Then we have the chromotherapy which is the use of colour to influence psychological and physiological behaviour. We focus mainly on the ‘cooler’ hues such as blue, purple, green and turquoise as these seem to induce the most positive emotional response.

The relaxing imagery is divided into three categories: seascapes, green spaces and fractals, both natural and man made. These have been chosen based on neuroscientific research.

The hypnotic script focuses mainly on physical sensations, with the interface providing relaxing visual stimulation for a spine tingling, braingasm inducing experience!

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