The Secret of Instant Hypnosis Revealed

The Secret of Instant Hypnosis Revealed

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Instant Hypnosis finally revealed!

FINALLY! How to Hypnotize a volunteer in seconds – THE one key step that few (none in my past time streams) disclose.

Okay! Hey NOW! We got action baby! I’m on the road to Tipperary FINALLY! It was just an inch away all along. All you do is grab a willing partner to scare you into gamma state. No drugs as one of my subs suggested, no harm, no need to fall down stairs like the incredible shrinking lady, none of that nonsense! Just get your partner to scare and catch you off guard and with the word “sleep” timed right, you’re off to lala-land to total suggestibility to rewire your mind in the way you want. For me, no more BINGEING. FINALLY! THANK YOU BRITAIN!! The British pull through again.

This is something that even Burt Goldman never discloses … if he even knows this secret. You now may know something more powerful than even these wealthy Gurus know about! Think about it, you can now charge wealthy people for your services as a professional hypnotist. But what I’m more excited about is to Quantum Jump using this technique and fight off any or all self obstacles in my life. I’m very grateful for this guy revealing this single tip. I hope you also find this technique for your self-empowerment / spirituality launching pad useful in your futures. Namaste.

Much of this is all still new to me. What he’s doing at 0:40 is looking for clear evidence of “hypnotic seduction patterns” that suggest she’s trance-ready. What exactly this is … I’m not sure yet. So there’s a few minor wrinkles to iron out yet. One thing is once you get your client in a trance is to keep talking to them without vocal pauses to keep them in a trace and to further get them to dive deeper into the trance before going into the suggestion process – the heart of qigong, quantum jumping, spontaneous remission, NLP, etc etc. The nice thing is the more you are hypnotized, the easier it will be to self-hypnotize yourself because you will already recognize the exact state of mind you need to be in. No more reading books that lead you nowhere.

LEARNING instant induction hypnosis takes mere minutes, but to MASTER it HANDS ON is a very different thing. It may involve hours for the average person – provided the teacher is good. Another important key part is the suggestions after you’re in the trance state.

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