Ultimate Binaural/ASMR/Out-of-Body Hypnosis – Caution: Permanent Transformation

Ultimate Binaural/ASMR/Out-of-Body Hypnosis – Caution: Permanent Transformation
Further details and instructions below:
High Quality MP3 download: https://mega.nz/#!fpQnxSyY!NE-AeRyHTPCLjk1ENfRceY0uMDXEdTZHMbuz50gyB0I
Lossless FLAC download: https://mega.nz/#!mhBDxYoS!1C9Iyz5UYnatNIxEcIqjYmfSr-zBkuqsrH5iiydiDNM

(YouTube HD audio is fully sufficient for hypnotic influence, 320kb/s MP3 has clearer entrancing binaural dynamics, FLAC perfectly preserves bass and detail for optimal effect & enjoyment)

For optimal effect, use headphones and assume comfortable position. If listening on YouTube, disable autoplay of next video (top right). Ensure session is not interrupted. Engage during a wakeful and alert state for optimal absorption. Reclined or semi-reclined position is recommended for alertness. Re-listening amplifies effects. Full body relaxation and closing eyes is only required on first session. Induced breathing synchronization varies depending on individual, fully synchronized breathing is not required.

Engineered & Created by The Singularity Group
Contains music by Mind.Divided, Chris Zabriskie and Stellardrone:
Mind.Divided – Megrez
Chris Zabriskie – The Dark Glow of The Mountains
Chris Zabriskie – The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan
Stellardrone – Galaxies

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